Artists in the Garden


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Each year our artists generously donate a piece of their work to be raffled off. Ticket for this year’s raffle can be purchased in the feature garden on the tour. Tickets are 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. Below are the items that have been donated for this year’s raffle. If you wish to see more work by these artists, please visit the Artists page.


Raffle Items

 John Gilker

 Dana Kaleta & Helen Watters

Don’t Worry, Bead Happy

Michelle Lewis & Fred Prine

Forever Flowers



Jasmine Moncalvo


Kim Airdrie

Bullfrog Studio



Linda Cresswell

Linda Cresswell Photography



Example: Item not shown




Veronica Kerr




Margaret Brackley



Phill Boyko






Anne Labelle-Johnson & Tony Johnson

Blue Willow Studio





Anya Bungay


Marianne VanDrunen

The Mad Mudder Studio


Example: Item not shown

David Harrison

Wire By Dave




Michael McGowan


Marilyn Whitbread

Elegant Silks


Valerie Carpentier

The Night Weaver



Sarah Shaw



Rosetta O’Kane

Jewel’s Handcrafted Jewelry




Paula Coverly

Love It!

Marie Huxter & Ellen Correll

Marie & Ellen Glass Art


Tricia Webster

Garden Soul


Marg Neudorf